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Ahtapus is the most affordable and user-friendly Manufacturing Execution Software available on the market today.

Ahtapus Features

We developed Ahtapus Software to help factory owners&managers to measure their business flow on a single platform.

Order Management

You can manage all your orders with the automated help of order management system.

Production Tracking

Provides detailed information about productions start&end dates, the employees who worked in that production or the errors in the product.

Efficieny Analysis

Ahtapus provides the employee performance analysis and efficiency of the factory in a timely manner.

The Most Affordable MES

Ahtapus is cheaper than a single employee’s gross salary.

Dedicated Customer Assistance

Our team works with you in every step of your growth.


Ahtapus is designed to be used by everyone

About Us


Our Mission

Ahtapus started its own way in June,2020 and try to become most affordable and user-friendly Manufacturing Execution System on the market.

  • We’ve got our MVP ready in June.
  • Started our business in August and we made our first sales in September.
  • Keep developing Ahtapus software according to the feedbacks we receive from our current and potential clients.

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Our Team

Our team consists of 3 dedicated engineers with different passions and a common goal. Each member in the team has an engineering background. Basically, we are 3 entrepreneurial souls with analytical minds, doing what we really want to do in life.


Emre Utku Solak

Business Development

Computer Engineer

Özenç Çelik

Software Development

Computer Engineer

Eren Pulatkan

Sales & Marketing

Electrical & Electronic Engineer